Outing to Monmouth

On Saturday 3rd June we ventured south and over the boarder into Monmouthshire. We arrived at our first tower of the day, Trellech to find there was nobody about to let us in and no phone signal! Luckily we found a friendly chap in the house next to the church who gave the tower captain a call. It wasn't long until we were up the tower having a ring.
We were soon off to the second tower of the day, Dingestow. An interesting 6 rung from the ground floor. The flower ladies in the church liked hearing the bell being rung, not sure if we disturbed the campers next door though!
Next stop was Monmouth, a lovely 8 rung from a balcony so we could see across the church. A few ringers were very interested with the counterweight for the trap door, an old clapper! Good recycling!
Lunchtime! Some of us stayed in Monmouth while others headed off to Skenfrith. Skenfrith was a good choice as they were holding their annual Fun Day! Some of the entertainment included food, ice cream (very good) and a beer tent!! We were joined by a few extra in the afternoon, which helped as a few of our number seemed a little sleepy!
The last tower of the day was Grosmont, 6 bells and 4 arm chairs!! Afternoon nap time for some! The rest of us carried on with the ringing, call changes to surprise. A good day had by all.
Trellech ringing
Grandad Pat

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.